A new year begins

Happy New Year 2024 has started and the Chinese New Year will be here soon also 10th February its The Year of the Dragon 2024 and it is projected to bring prosperity and good fortune. Whilst I am definitely a glass ½ full person and always looking forward at all the...

Meet the Volunteers

Meet Sharn Oxlade and Rosalie Lomas, volunteers at the Cyril Callister Museum, home of inventor Cyril Callister and all things Vegemite, in Beaufort, Victoria. Sharn, a hairdresser and Cert 2 school teacher, moved to Beaufort for a fella 17 years ago. “Now l volunteer...
How it all began

How it all began

OVER TOAST WITH CYRIL by Liza Robinson How it all began If you’re reading our new blog, I am pretty sure you are a Vegemite lover … so grab your toast, slather on some butter and Vegemite, take a seat, and read the first installment of Over Toast with Cyril. Where did...
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