Cyril Callister Foundation awards its first scholarship

The Cyril Callister Foundation was established in 2019 to acknowledge the significant achievements of Cyril Callister the man who invented Vegemite. He was a brilliant scientist and a pioneer in Australian food technology in the early Twentieth Century.

As his granddaughter and a board member of the not-for-profit Cyril Callister Foundation, I was honoured to be invited to present the first scholarship at Ballarat Federation University which Cyril also attended.

I was delighted to meet with Samuel Varjabedran the recipient of the inaugural Cyril Callister Scholarship. He and his family were particularly interested in hearing more of Cyril’s story.

I am sure that drawing inspiration from Cyril’s story will inspire Samuel throughout his academic pursuits in the field of science. My grandfather would be very proud and pleased that through his legacy he is able to help young men and women pursue their dreams in his chosen field of science.

I would also on behalf of the board like to sincerely thank those other applicants who were at this time unsuccessful.

Please take heart and be assured we deliberated thoughtfully and carefully, it wasn’t an easy decision.

Deb Callister
Board Member – Cyril Callister Foundation

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