Over Toast #5: March 2024

With Easter fast approaching, we at the Cyril Callister Museum are gearing up for another busy couple of weeks. 2024 has started off with a big bang! Much like the success of my breakfast – a delicious combination of vegemite on 1816 Bakehouse sourdough with a soft-boiled egg and delicious avocado (yummo!). With new extended trading hours – Tuesday to Sunday 10am-2pm – we’ve noticed a significant increase in visitor numbers. Our visitors are mix of staunch Vegemite Lovers, the casually committed Vegemite Fan and the Passerby. We welcome them all! The feedback has all been very positive; word is ‘spreading’. Our visitors book entries, Google / Trip Advisor reviews all reflect this, and it is so rewarding to read these reviews. Thank you to the people who take the time to share their experiences, they are a great asset to our museum.
Another phenomenal asset has been the 2024 Summer Kid’s Vegemite Art Program sponsored by our local Beaufort Community Bendigo Bank. We’ve seen great success in the response from our young people who have stopped by to try their hands at creating art with Vegemite. One young boy stated “My mum has always told me not to play with my food. But now I am!”, he was one happy little Vegemite!

We continue to receive some unique donations to the museum and each with their own story. Most recently a hand carved wooden Vegemite jar reproduction from Jake Burke. Jake’s dear friend who passed away recently had this jar safely stored in a glass cabinet at his home for many years. Whilst Jake was packing up the remains of his dear friend, he came across the jar and thought the museum might like it – thank you Jake. We hope that your contribution keeps the memory and spirit of your friend alive!

Cyril’s Birthday Celebrations

February 16th was Cyril Callister’s birthday and this year we celebrated with the launch of our first exterior art installation called “Vegemite through History”. An installation of six re purposed 44-gallon drums were transformed into Vegemite jars by 3 amazing local artists – Lesley Hunter, Jay Van Nus #jaykulbardi and Tomas Linekar #tomaslinekar. The drums are positioned outside of the museum and can be viewed any time. A small morning tea, hosted at the museum, accompanied the launch where local guests, the artist and the press were invited to mingle and view the art installation. A delicious chocolate cake was presented by the amazing artisan baker Sara Kittelty. The project was sponsored by the #pyreneesshirecouncil. So if you are driving from Melbourne to Western Victoria and perhaps heading to the #australiansilotrail then call in at Beaufort and experience this unique art offering.

Lisa Enright’s Thesis

A few months ago, we received a phone call from Lisa Enright, a local Queenslander writing her thesis on small museums and their importance to intimate public spaces of Australia. Lisa’s thesis working name is currently” Radical Conversations; Small museums as intimate publics in Australia”. Lisa enquired if the museum would be interested in assisting her, naturally we saw it as an amazing opportunity to support the advocation of Australia’s unique cultural heritage and history.
We have learnt a lot from our interviews and chats with Lisa over the past months. Did you know that there are seemingly over 5000 small and unusual museums in Australia? This number was established by the Australian Community Register some time back but has most recently been missing from public record. Despite this there are still 1800 little museums just like Cyril Callister’s dotted across our great nation. Each advocating for the importance of sharing and maintaining Australia’s great history.

What’s on at the Museum.

We are busy putting together some museum events for Easter School holidays -Egg painting with Vegemite March 29th to April 14th. Children can come and paint two hard boiled eggs with Vegemite, the cost will be $5 Facebook event link (not made yet)

Heritage Month at the Museum

April 18th to May 18th part of the National Trust Australia’s annual event


The Cyril Callister Museum is offering a special package for Heritage Month. The package includes a guided tour of the museum, viewing of our 2 art exhibitions – ‘Painting with Vegemite’ by the Beaufort Secondary School students and the ‘Vegemite Through History’ drum art installation, and a screening of the ‘History Behind Vegemite’ narrated by grandson Jamie Callister. The package includes a cuppa and Chocolate Vegemite Oreo! Bookings can be made at:


Science week

Science week is in August and it will be our first event in the new Cyril’s Lab – an interactive science laboratory for the student visitors to experiment with. https://www.scienceweek.net.au/

There’s much to look forward to! And we best press on with ‘spreading’ the joy that Cyril Callister’s Vegemite brings. Until next time with Over Toast with Cyril – spread that joy!


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